GUIDE: Medical Cannabis in California | Mr Green’s Organic Delivery

Marijuana deliveries are popular in Los Angeles. Mr. Green’s is situated in Woodland Hills in the San Fernando Valley. We deliver medical THC products throughout the valley and the Greater LA Area. We service communities such as Calabasas, Encino, West Hills and Tarzana on a daily basis. But how do you get pot delivered in California? For while Californians legalized recreational pot, this does not take effect until Prop. 64 goes into effect in January of 2018. The current pot scene in LA is therefore a regulated medical industry. Deliveries therefore require a medical recommendation from a physician, as well as an image of your California ID.

So how do you get in touch with a “weed doctor”? Go for a stroll along Venice Beach! Or do a simple Google search to find the nearest physician prescribing pot. With a photo copy of that recommendation letter, you can simply text us at Mr. Green’s Organic for your THC in LA. Woodland Hills marijuana delivery services serve a variety of patients. While some suffer from insomnia or anorexia, others are suffering from severe anxiety disorders and even HIV. Pot is prescribed for a variety of health reasons in the Golden State. It is illegal by state law to operate vehicles or heavy machinery after inhaling or eating THC-products.

As a Woodland Hills cannabis distributor, we deliver medical pot here on a daily basis – from the streets of LA to the hills and woodland of the Santa Monica’s. From anywhere near or in San Fernando Valley, contact your Woodland Hills service for a discreet and professional pot delivery.

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