UPDATES: 2017 California Cannabis Laws

Mr. Green's Organic in Woodland Hills

Top best shelf marijuanaNew laws and regulations are passed on a daily basis regarding cannabis in California. At Mr. Green’s Organic Delivery we pay attention to this constant development, in order to best serve our patients where they are located.

Statewide Changes

Californians passed Proposition 64 (Adult Use of Marijuana Act) in late 2016, legalizing adult use of weed in the Golden State. 57,1% of California residents voted in favor of legalization. This law however will not go into effect until January of 2018.

Local Changes

Several cities opened for dispensaries or deliveries in 2017, including:

• January: San Diego rang in the new year by allowing recreational dispensaries.
• March: Los Angeles voters pass Measure M, which simplifies LA’s regulations and ends the 135 limit on number of dispensaries within city limits.
• May: Grover Beach opens for dispensaries in town.
• May: Temecula City Council rejects a proposition to ban deliveries
• June: Thousand Oaks, CA opens to allow the city’s first dispensary.
• July: Port Hueneme becomes the first Ventura County city to allow applications for the sale of recreational Cannabis.
• July: Alameda ends its seven year ban on dispensaries and cultivation.
• July: Ojai allows for medical delivery- and dispensary services.
• July: Concord opens for deliveries.
• July: Hanford City Council votes unanimously to allow cultivation.
• August: Oxnard City Council opens for medical deliveries in Oxnard.
• August: Mendota, CA approves Cannabis cultivation within city limits.
• September: Hesperia allows for delivery services.
• September: Mountain View, CA legalizes recreational Cannabis.

Furthermore, neighboring Nevada voted to legalize recreational pot. This took effect on July 1st. Other states throughout the country also decided full recreational legalization. Another adjacent state, Oregon, legalized pot for recreational purposes in 2015. Washington State made the same decision in 2012, Maine in 2014, and Massachusetts in 2016. It is important to note that it is still illegal to bring Cannabis across state lines.

If you are looking for marihuana in Los Angeles- or Ventura Counties, you can trust Mr. Green’s for a discreet and professional delivering service. Established in 2009, Mr. Green’s has grown to be one of the largest and best rated services in the industry. Based in Woodland Hills, we serve most of the surrounding region.

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