Welcome to a top rated Calabasas cannabis delivery company which has served City of Calabasas for nearly 10 years with cannabis deliveries. Besides weed strains, we also deliver a variety of extracts, THC edibles, joints, and more.

Mr. Green’s Organic Cannabis Delivery is situated in the community of Woodland Hills in the San Fernando Valley. From our location here, we serve most of the valley with our cannabis deliveries, including the beautiful city of Calabasas. Bordering our headquarters in Woodland Hills is Calabasas, an LA County city we serve on a daily basis with weed deliveries.

This wealthy city encompasses parts of the Santa Monica Mountains, and is bordering Agoura Hills to the west and Woodland Hills in the east. It is a smaller city with a population of only 23,000 residents as of 2013. Nonetheless, the city is amongst the richest in Los Angeles County, and also one of the safest communities in the region. Mr. Green’s has offered cannabis deliveries here for nearly 10 years.

calabasasEstablished as an independent city in 1991, the city is young but well established. Some popular attractions here include the 1884 Leonis Adobe, The Commons shopping mall, as well as various high-end restaurants, boutiques and hotels. The city is home to an array of celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, and others.

Some of our top selling cannabis strains in the city include Indica’s such as Gorilla Glue, Pure OG and Purple Kush. Some popular Sativa strains are Extreme Green Crack, known of its iconic super-green look, and San Fernando Valley OG (SFV OG). For locals wanting cannabis deliveries with Hybrid strains, we would like to recommend the best-selling OG Kush.

delivery_serviceOther locals looking for San Fernando Valley cannabis deliveries will order edibles, hash bullets, pre-rolled joints, or other items. Some popular cannabis edibles include our sour jelly worms, jelly rangers, chocolate candy bars, and more. See the up to date full menu on our websites.

For whatever reason you are looking for cannabis deliveries in or surrounding Calabasas, contact Mr. Green’s today for your medical marijuana. Besides Calabasas, Mr. Green’s Organic Delivery serves all of the San Fernando Valley and nearby cities and communities. Contact us today by text or call to phone number (818) 384-4628 for Calabasas cannabis deliveries.